Be a Bridge

ISBN: 978-1728423388

Carolrhoda Books
With illustrations by Nabila Adani

Be a Bridge
is inspiring change!

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"Latham and Waters reteam for this rhyming exploration of how children can learn to be a 'bridge,' building key connections through kindness." - Publisher's Weekly

In this upbeat picture book, acclaimed authors Irene Latham and Charles Waters bring key themes from their earlier collaborations (Can I Touch Your Hair? and Dictionary for a Better World) to a young audience.

Rhyming verse describes different ways in which readers can "be a bridge," from welcoming a new student and listening respectfully when someone else is talking to standing up to a bully and comforting a classmate who is upset.

Nabila Adani's cheerful illustrations depict a diverse group of students, including young versions of Charles and Irene. Scan a Page Plus QR code at the end of the book to download a Bridge Builder Pledge. An ideal book to share with students in the fall to set the tone for the whole school year!

"An exuberant ode to the virtues of kindness and inclusion."
- Kirkus

Nominated for the 2024-2025 South Carolina Book Award